16 March 2017

Future Developments 2017

Thanks everyone for following this blog and for your feedback. It really means a lot to me hearing that you are getting value out of the articles that I published here. I will try to continue this again as soon as new unique developments around Revit arises.

If you have some questions about the use of Revit, just drop me a line.

12 January 2016

Sunken Floor

Problem: How do I correctly model a sunken floor construction?


1. Create the floor geometry required at the highest level.

2. Create the edge beam needed along the floor just made.

3. Lastly, create the lower floor against the edge beam.

29 January 2015

Guide Grid in Revit

Since the introduction of Autodesk Revit 2011, there is the possibility of inserting a guide grid to align views across the sheet set. This "Guide Grid" command is available under the View tab and on the Sheet Composition panel. By selecting this option a light blue grid object will be inserted on your sheet. You can choose to give it an unique name such as "A1" Guide Grid, and under Properties, you can set the spacing to your requirement such as 25mm.

To insert the same grid with the same location on another sheet, simply open that Sheet View and from the Properties menu, under Guide Grid, select the "A1" Guide Grid that you just created.

With the Revit Guide Grid, you can align your all floor plans, by using the same intersection of the guide grid lines you created. You can resize the Guide Grid bounds to suit your needs. Several guide grid types can be created to align different type of views, such as sections, plans, details, elevations, etc.

Please take note that the alignment snapping works only for Grids, Levels, Reference Planes and view Crop boundaries. It will not work for other entities.

22 December 2014

Override a Dimension to show it as a blank value

Have you ever needed to show a dimension string without a value or text? To achieve this, select the dimension and then proceed to override it with text. In the text field; Hold down the "Alt" key and type 030, then select OK. 

You now have a blank dimension.

Note: ALT030 will not show in the text field when you type it. The field will remain blank.